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with Neil Weaver & Aubrieta Hope


for an inspiring weekend workshop or one-day seminar devoted to the art and adventure of landscape photography!  We are two professional photographers and long-time photo buddies who present fun-filled, informative sessions to help you create compelling landscape images. 



We plan our weekend workshops to coincide with the most photogenic seasons and places in northern Michigan.  Each workshop is limited to just 10-12 participants to foster camaraderie and to allow for individualized instruction.  We devote a generous amount of time to shooting in the field at well-scouted locations when the light is best so that everyone can bring home great images. And, to ensure that participants clearly understand essential concepts, we present interactive classroom sessions with informational handouts on a variety of subjects. 

Each workshop is as unique as it is lively and fosters new friendships as well as new skills!  We do not do any shooting for ourselves during our workshops, but devote all our attention to our participants.


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In addition to weekend workshops, Neil and Aubrieta co-present one-day seminars on topics essential to understanding and mastering landscape and nature photography, no matter where your camera may take you. 

We offer carefully-organized, well-illustrated sessions on the elements of exposure, photo composition, image editing in Lightroom, and more.  Each seminar is designed with ample time for individual questions and plenty of informational handouts for future reference.    




Our seminars and workshops are designed to help you to see yourself and your photography in a new way.  The emphasis is on your artistic strengths, on the process of recognizing and building on what matters most to you.  It's not easy for most people to know their strengths, but they are at the core of each person's creative vision.  And creative vision, we believe, is at the heart of every truly great photograph. 

Creative vision cannot be bought or borrowed, but must be developed in the mind of each photographer.  It's more important than gear, or scenery, or even magic light! 

Our goal is to help you increase your ability to consistently create images that are true to your photographic vision.  

Our hope is that you will leave our workshops and seminars with a greater confidence and joy in photography.