What to Bring - Night Sky Workshop

MI17-0972-5118 Fog Signal Building at Point Betsie by Aubrieta V Hope Michigan Scenery.jpg
  • A DSLR camera and your camera's user manual

  • wide angle lens

  • A sturdy tripod

  • Multiple memory cards

  • Extra batteries and battery charger

  • Remote cable release for your camera

  • Lens Cleaning cloths and Rocket blaster (or other lens air blower)

  • Laptop

  • At least the trial version of Adobe Lightroom CC Classic installed on your laptop

  • Several layers of warm clothes

  • A sturdy pair of hiking boots

  • Waterproof pants and jacket

  • A powerful flashlight and/or headlamp with red-light setting (or bring red cellophane to place over flashlight lens) to preserve night vision

  • Hoodman Loupe for viewing camera's LCD in the dark

Questions? Message us or call us at 517-743-1442.