What to Bring - Winter Workshop

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  • DSLR camera and user manual

  • A variety of lenses (14mm-35mm focal lengths very useful)

  • A sturdy tripod

  • Multiple Memory Cards

  • Extra camera batteries and battery charger

  • Circular Polarizer and Neutral Density filters for your lenses

  • Remote cable release

  • Lens Cleaning cloths and Rocket Blaster (or other lens air blower)

  • Laptop with a trial or paid version of Adobe Lightroom 

  • Waterproof Jacket and Insulated Pants (or Bibs)

  • Warm layers: such as a polartec jacket, insulated vest or 800-fill down sweater, long underwear top and pants (made of a non-cotton fabric), wool socks and sock liners

  • Insulated waterproof hiking boots and/or knee-high boots

  • Water-resistant Hat and Scarf or Neck Gaiter

  • Snow Goggles (optional)

  • Absolutely Essential:  Ice Spikes, Cleats or Crampons (such as "Kahtoola MicroSpikes").  Yak-Trax not recommended.

  • Hiking Poles (optional)

  • Snowshoes (can be rented at Downwind Sports, Munising)

  • Hand Warmers (to thaw frozen tripod locks) and Adhesive-backed Toe Warmers (to keep lenses and batteries warm)

  • Ziploc bags (large enough to hold camera & lens)

  • Insulated Thermos (for warm beverages)

  • Snacks

  • *Insurance for your camera gear -- highly recommended!  

Questions? Feel free to message us or call us at 517-743-1442.